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TMARKER assists in cell nuclei counting and staining estimation of pathological immunohistochemical TMA images and non-TMA images. Two main scenarios are adressed with TMARKER:

  • You want to know how many cell nuclei on the image are positive and negative for a certain protein. Therefore, you already did an immunohistochemical staining experiment. TMARKER provides reproducable, stable and accurate cell counting and staining estimation assistance with color deconvolution.
  • For staining estimation, you only want to consider one type of cells in the image (e.g. only relevant cancer cells). TMARKER provides modern machine learning algorithms that detect these relevant cells in the image and perform staining estimation only on these cells. Also this procedure is reproducable, stable and transferable.

The TMARKER source is available from GitHub.

The software is freely available and user friendly. It is written in Java v1.7 and can be started on any OS.


Peter J. Schüffler, Thomas J. Fuchs, Cheng Soon Ong, Peter J. Wild, Niels J. Rupp, Joachim M. Buhmann
TMARKER: A free software toolkit for histopathological cell counting and staining estimation.
J Pathol Inform 2013, 4:2, doi 10.4103/2153-3539.109804

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