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NEXUS is a service provider and as such does not require nor request co-authorship on studies using data generated, analyzed or managed on a fee-for-service basis by our units. According to scientific practice it can be that a co-authorship may be appropriate given significant intellectual contributions by a NEXUS consultant were made.

In any case, we encourage our customers to acknowledge the work performed by NEXUS. This can be done in the following non-exclusive ways:

  • Acknowledgment section: Whenever NEXUS personnel have been helpful in a peer-reviewed publication (regarding study design, data generation, screening, analysis or interpretation) and whereever author(s) consider it entitled, the following sentence should be used: «The authors wish to thank [name of consultant(s) and/or head(s)] of NEXUS Personalized Health Technologies, ETH Zurich, Switzerland for assitance with [services provided].»
  • Body of the text: Whenever NEXUS has provided a service, the following phrasing can be used inside Materials and/or Methods sections: «[Service] was performed by NEXUS Personalized Health Technologies, ETH Zurich, Switzerland.»

It will be very pleasing to receive notification of published research from our customers acknowledging NEXUS.

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